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Can you build a house on my land?

Yes, we can build a house on your land. Building a customised home on your piece of land or with your plans is a big part of what we do. Our design team will work with you to design a perfect home on your land.

Will I be kept updated during the building project?

Absolutely! Communication is the key and our clients are critical to our success. We believe in updating our clients about the progress of their project.

Do I need to have architectural plans?

Not necessarily but if you do have the plan then that’s fine too. You can pick from our amazing plans in our portfolio to design a custom home that is unique and in tandem with your needs.

How is quality managed?

We have a strict quality control procedure. Quality checks are carried out during the construction process and at the completion of every stage.

What if we make a change in the middle of the project?

We do entertain amendments while your project is being carried out.